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At Far North we understand completely how developers work. The style of architecture we practice is borne from decades of successful and often exclusive collaboration with developers, large and small.

In essence, Far North offers all the benefits of professional and creative architecture but with the mindset of a developer.  For us it's about complimenting the developer's brief and taking it beyond expectations.  It's about adding that "wow factor" without adding to baseline project cost;  about creative space planning to "sneak in" an extra room or housing unit (or two!);  about off-the-wall thinking to unlock planning issues or find alternative uses for redundant site or buildings...

Our ethos and technique works whether you are a one-off residential developer, commercial developer, or large land-owner & estate manager.


Far North has the architectural creativity and the mindset to maximize hidden potential in any property assets you have.  As it says on the front cover image of our website..."explore beyond the obvious and you will always be rewarded"....

We would love to hear from you!


All our initial consultations are free, and usually involve a site visit to make sure we understand context fully before giving any advice.  There is of course no ongoing obligation; so please

just hit the green button...!

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