At Far North we work with mainly SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises)

across a wide range of business sectors including leisure & retail, office & corporate, light industrial and agricultural.

For many businesses, particularly in the leisure & retail industry, image is clearly vitally important.  But of equal importance to all businesses, irrespective of sector, are real-life practical issues such as operational efficiency, functionality and effective cost control - both on a daily basis and in medium-term project planning.  


Historically, at Far North we have always believed that many "creatives" have a tendency to dismiss such practicalities as an afterthought and concentrate a little too much on image and aesthetics. At Far North our ethos is different but subtle.  We have spent decades specializing in a thoroughly commercial and pragmatic approach to building procurement.  Good design & architecture is not necessarily visual;  in a commercial world it needs, above all, to be practical, build-able, deliverable & cost-effective.

In addition to offering traditional architectural services, we like to thoroughly understand how your business works when we take on commissions.  That way we can fully assess the implications of any development project not just on your physical premises but also on the business operation itself.  

We offer bespoke project-planning advice and creativity for most potential business development scenarios.  This may include:

Advice on suitability of prospective new premises

Space planning & logistics

Refitting of larger scale equipment and machinery

Phasing and construction project planning to minimize existing business disruption

Expansion projects

Diversification potential


Consolidation of property portfolio.


Finding new use for redundant premises or surplus space prior or not to possible sell-off.

We would love to hear from you!


All our initial consultations are free, and usually involve a site visit to make sure we understand context fully before giving any advice.  There is of course no ongoing obligation; so please

just hit the green button...!